Considering the general increase, both in number and demands by the worldwide public. And due to the fact that you might have one, used or probably have seen one in use somewhere. Who knows where and at what particular time. Possibly wondering, What are mobile phones about? Let’s get a detailed glimpse of these so called mobile phones and how do they impact our lives?

What are mobile phones about?

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The first question we mostly would be asking ourselves is what are mobile phones. By definition, mobile simply means that which is moving. So, from the definition stated. A mobile phone is a telephone device with access to radio frequency system. And can be used over a wide area. As it does not need a physical connection to the network or service providers. But rather requires wireless connection. The first mobile phone was introduced in 1973. Weighing about 2 pounds and 10inches long. Ever since then the sizes of mobile phones has been seen to reduce in weight, width, length and thickness inclusive. From the earlier generation of mobile phones. There are mainly three types of mobile phones. That have transpired over the past decades and these include.

  • Feature phones: sometimes called dumb phones. Are one of the earlier phones that led to the development of smartphone. Due to their lack in handling of intensive application development. Found in most of today’s smartphones that allows third party application development. Like Android and IOS, as they where not developed to handle such. Retaining the form factor of earlier generations. They are the middle range devices between low end phones and smartphones. Low end phones could only allow dialing and text messages. With no features beyond that. While smartphone went beyond that of feature phones. Even though they have an added advantage over basic mobile phones developed. During earlier generations of just voice calling and texting messaging. You can’t download applications. As they use a proprietary custom-designed software and user interface. But still offer web browsing, basic multimedia and emailing. Built with a button based input, a small display, possibly with a digital camera, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband. They still don’t exceed the functionality of smartphones.Cool Feature Phone
  • Smartphones: with the desire to produce more advanced mobile phone. Better than some desktops and laptop computers. This desire grow more and more. With the introduction of GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). Which was introduced in 1991. Distinguished from feature phones by their stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems. Which facilitate wider software, internet such as web browsing over mobile broadband. And multimedia functionality like music, video, cameras, and gaming. Alongside core phone functions such as voice/video calls and text messaging. Making them the most advanced of all mobile phones. 3D online games
  • Kosher phones: these are some smartphones that are programmed with internet filters. That are limited or restricted in some ways. The access to various app and website is considered prohibited or disabled. Due to the Jewish standard orthodox of religious restrictions, that phones with messaging functionality should not be used by children. Observant Jewish orthodox who use these devices to save lives and reduce the risk of death. Due to the fact that during sabbath. The use of these mobile phones or electronic devices is prohibited. This natural restriction of text messages and internet has spurned the whole industry in phone news and information.

The ideal concept behind mobile phones.

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The idea behind mobile phone is to introduce a whole new concept. On how we do our daily things. By enhancing and enriching our day to day experience though the advancement of mobile technology. Built and advanced from the daily challenges we face. Mobile phones are the ideal life experience that every user would want to experience. With faster and easy communication with friends, families and loved ones. Or for communication during business or academic activities. It enables the sending of document from your file selection. And may also have advanced apps that can scan documents. That might be important without the use of a scanner. From the introduction of the first handheld mobile phone in 1973. We can see that as time goes by, mobile phones are advancing with each day that goes by. Others say sooner or later mobile phones will take over the computer world. Where people stop moving about with their laptop computers. And prefer to carry around their mobile phone. If you have observed and taken note. You will find that there are some mobile phones that have more processing power than some laptop computer. Making the earlier assumptions to be true. Most of today’s smartphone hardware. Consist of mainly large RAM, a high end CPU, a high definition display screen, 3D camera and a large battery. Not forgetting the development of large storage space.

Structural composition of most mobile phones.

  • RAM: an increase in RAM size will allow you to run more applications simultaneously. Without experiencing any lagging compared to a smaller RAM. When you run an application or game. It consumes a specific amount of RAM until you close it. That’s the reason why today’s smartphones. Have RAM’s ranging from 2GB to 10GB or even more, for better experience.
  • Display Screen: When it comes to the display sharpness. You must consider the combination of the display size and display resolution. Because both affect the pixel density. Pixel density is measured in Pixels Per Inch(PPI). The higher the PPI, the sharper the screen display. Thereby giving you a better experience.
  • CPU: The central Processing Unit, also affects the performance of the smartphone. Measured in gigahertz (GHz) and the number of cores. The overall speed and performance of the smartphone are generally determined. By the combination of RAM size, CPU specs, and the Operating System. (For more information on CPU’s feel free to read “How to compare CPU – Getting the best of it” ).
  • Camera: the smartphone camera helps you capture good quality photos. With the introduction of dual-camera, which allows you to capture wide-lens photos. Making you to never miss any moment in life.
  • Battery: the length of battery life is affected by many factors. Such as display size, type, and brightness, CPU efficiency, Operating System, background running applications and your own usage. You can still have a clue by looking at the battery capacity of the smartphone battery. Which is measured in milliampere per hour. The more milliampere per hour the more durable your battery is.
  • Storage Space: the storage size of today’s mobile phones. Is already big enough for users to store music, photos, videos and large files. Mostly, all of these smartphones allow the use of a micro SD card which can double your storage. Making it even more adequate for users to store more things on there phone.

The smartphone OS is the main operating system within most of smartphones. With features that allow the use of mobile devices. For app development such as those of IOS and Android operating system. They are many operating systems with only a few to mention. This advancement has also led to the development of track systems Within mobile phone that use the GPS(Global Positioning System). This enables you to track it if stolen or lost. It can also help you find your way back home if you get lost too.

How do they impact our lives?

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One of the most obvious impact of mobile phones is the improved communication feature. That fulfills man’s basic needs of being connected to their loved ones and friends, anywhere and at anytime. Our traveling is also enhanced as you can book a hotel reservation, flight or bus ticket using a mobile phone. It reduces us from carrying a lot of gadgets by just allowing us to only carry our smartphone. Unlike feature phones and some kosher phones that are restricted in some way. Smartphones have advanced applications such as google maps which helps you in finding directions and preventing you from getting lost. Some features like google translator help you in communicating with the locals as you travel around the globe. The inbuilt cameras of some smartphones are way advanced that they help you in capturing high dense resolution photos and videos. Of every moment as you travel or maybe not traveling. With many more apps that help easy our life as students, workers or coworkers, friends and with family.

During cases of emergency one can easily call for help using their mobile. Such as healthy personnel or the police depending on which type of emergency. It also helps parents be in touch with their kids during business or social travel as communication is made way easier. The advancement of mobile apps has also eased the way we conduct business or school programs. As we can share, edit, copy, cut-and-paste on any document. And pass it on to the next person that requires the documents. This has also improved the interaction and participation of both workers and students. All across the globe through computer mediated communication.


Disadvantages of mobile phones

Low battery

The core disadvantage of mobile phones is the battery lifetime as it needs charging from time to time. It maybe a useful device after all but once the battery runs out. It may become a useless device at that point. Shattering all your programs and leaving you looking a little bit stupid. And Can even cause you to lose out on clients. We all mostly have this genius idea of carrying our personal or important information in our Mobile phones. As this is a disadvantage because of cyber crime out there, when it comes to security. Once your mobile phone is lost with all the important documents in it. You become a subject to cyber crime as you don’t know who has your information. And what they can do with it(also feel free to read more about the pros and cons of digitalization ). Looking at the network coverage area, even though your mobile device is subject to mobility. Not all areas are covered by network or cell towers. Which means despite it being mobile you can’t communicate.

Apart from there usefulness, mobile phones are also a healthy hazard to human kind. Due to there emission of radio frequency energy. In a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation which are absorbed by tissues close to the phone. The microwaves range from 900 to 1800MHz. As this can promote or induces cancer. Causing symptoms like sleep disturbance, memory problems, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Problems also arise from their general dependence on our day to day life, which causes stress sometimes.


Although, they are of great help on our day to day life. Mobile phones also have their cons. Having proven to be useful in our personal lives either business, work, social or academic life. Mobile phones manufactures are busy improving on their product each and every day for the betterment of man kind. Feel free to leave a comment about mobile phone and what you think.