About Us

Hi everyone and welcome to My Digital Era. Where, we help you advance in your way of doing things. By giving, you the trending technology that can help you digitize your way of doing things to enable the smooth running of your business or just for you to have an enjoyable day surfing the internet or just any work that may require you to use a computer. In order reduce your down time at the best possible level, that we can help you.

About Us

As we know, in Just a glimpse of yesterday where we were moving about carrying application or personal or friendly letters to our dear loved ones, friends and companies. To show our affections to them or rather seeking for a job opportunity though the post office. And as time passed by, we waited eagerly in anticipation to what sort of feedback would we receive and this possibly took time. Data was also managed in the old-fashioned way using file systems.

Within just a snap of a finger came the advancement of technology. Everything changed so fast over a few decades. Changing how we interacted with people, stored or managed our personal data. The conducting of business also changed drastically. As now people trade online from different parts of world, receive their goods/services without meeting the seller in person. Applying for jobs while at home or during a holiday tour. which, is currently conducted on the shortest time interval than compared to the old way of doing things. With the introduction of Artificial intelligence life has even been made much easier for mankind. Giving them a transition to the new Digital/technology era.

Why Are We Here?

Well most of you are probably asking yourself a question to say “why are they here?” the rather short possible answer we can give to you is that we Are only here to help you with the transition into the advanced digital / technology era. By advertising to you the trending computer technology or technology devices out there on the market, thereby keeping you up to date. Many are times when you are not sure if the computer or technology device that you wish to buy or purchase can comprehend the purpose/ task that you want it for. Little information do we have about it or its capabilities. And our purpose is to help those that are not sure on which to decide.

Our Goal

Our goal at My Digital Era is to provide you with the latest trending computer technologies and best technology devices that you can use to advance from your tradition way of managing your data, personal life or business. Though widespread, ready and easy access to, sharing to and from based on using computers or other devices as a medium of communication making information electronically accessible.

All the best,


Founder of My Digital Era.