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One Hocus Pocus Star Wants To Do The Sequel

Because nostlagia has proven to popular and profitable in entertainment, it seems like everybody’s trying to get in on the action. As such, we’ve seen a ton of popular movies and TV shows given new life, such as Roseanne, Blade Runner, and even the Halloween franchise. One potential project that has been tossed around is a Hocus Pocus sequel, which ...

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Why Liev Schreiber Joined The Animated Spider-Man Movie

We admittedly haven’t seen the full movie yet, but Liev Schreiber’s remarks about the quality of the animation and the team behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse seem to bode well for the project. The film is “anamorphic,” which means its size and scope may be unlike anything that we have ever seen from an animated Spider-Man movie before. If that ...

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How Marvel’s Kevin Feige Feels About Captain Marvel Spoilers

Speaking of the photo itself, Kevin Feige’s comments to Vulture suggest that fans have already gotten to the bottom of the shot’s true nature. In the face of the backlash against how bizarre the suit initially looked to some casual fans, Feige believes the more knowledgeable Marvel aficionados were able to deduce the suit’s true nature. Feige does not explicitly ...

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Kevin Feige Teases Michelle Pfeiffer’s Ant-Man & The Wasp Role

It’s a very exciting time for The Marvel Cinematic Universe. This weekend brought the release of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, which is already making an insane amount of money at the box office. The remaining installments of Phase Three will only continue to up the ante, especially the next two Avengers movies. But sandwiched between Infinity War and Avengers 4 ...

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One Hard Thing About Filming Red Sparrow, According To Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t the only performer in Red Sparrow who had to speak differently. Her co-star, Joel Edgerton, plays CIA agent Nathaniel Nash, requiring him to set aside his Australian accent for the project. Unlike Lawrence, though, Edgerton already had experience playing Americans, such as in The Great Gatsby and Black Mass, so it was familiar territory for him. Going ...

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The 9 Coolest Wakanda Inventions Shown In Black Panther

The Nanotechnology Suit There’s little question that Black Panther has one of the coolest suits in the entire MCU. It is sleek, powerful and it makes him practically bulletproof. That said, in Captain America: Civil War, the suit looked like it was probably reasonably cumbersome to put on and take off. That is where Shuri (Letitia Wright) comes into the ...

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Buy The Right Black Panther Ticket

Throughout the entire proceedings of Black Panther, there are moments that the audience may want to remove their glasses in order to give themselves a 3D break. During such breaks, it’s easy to notice a good amount of blurring present with the image being shown on the screen, which is usually a good indicator as to how much the image ...

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