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Jamie Lee Curtis Has Already Wrapped On Halloween

It’s an exciting time to be a horror fan. Rather than cheaply made money grabbers, the genre is in a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Many of the genre’s most exciting projects come from Blumhouse Productions, with the acclaimed studio bringing projects like Get Out, Don’t Breathe, and the Purge franchise to theaters. Blumhouse is now turning its ...

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England fail to reach tri-series final despite win

England’s white-ball revolution, so striking in 50-over cricket, hit the buffers in miserable style in the shorter form again when even a narrow victory over New Zealand was not enough to stop them crashing out of the Twenty20 game tri-series. It is a mystery as to why England have become so inconsistent in Twenty20 cricket as opposed to a one-day ...

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MongoDB 4.0 will take ACID

In our recent post, we spoke of the MO that MongoDB will be judged as guilty until proven innocent. Actually, that is the scrutiny that any database provider should be subject to, because databases run your business. And so the trajectory of MongoDB, like other developer- and departmental-friendly databases like MySQL and SQL Server before it, is building enterprise-grade features ...

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Maisie Williams Responds To New Mutants Reshoot Rumors

It’s no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. With three shared universes currently producing new installments, there is no shortage of superheroic properties making their way to theaters. Because of this, critics fear “superhero fatigue” where the genre becomes so saturated that they blend together and become stale. In response, filmmakers are creating new and exciting superhero projects. Case ...

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